Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Beginning...

Hi my name is Andrew Groskreutz aka Shouldbfishin, I would like to welcome you all to my new blog. This will help chronicle my adventures in fishing, open water, through the ice and hopefully someday deep sea. I will be sharing reports, stories, pictures and maybe even a tall tale. I am going out on Saturday with my good friend and angling aficionado Mike Walbridge aka Team Ice Heave. You can visit his website at I am currently on the promotional staff for T.H.E. Jig an awesome little hair jig, made by "Crappie" Keith Nelson of Palisade, MN, it comes in a variety of sizes and color combos. You can order these at where I am also a moderator of the forums at this time.

My last fishing adventure was on Pelican Lake in Albertville for a Tournament through the ice hosted by Thorne Bros. It was part of a series of tournaments called the Ultimate Panfish League. My partner, Shane Hendricks, and I didn't place very high but we saw enough of the lakes potential to want to fish it again. In fact that's where Mike Walbridge and I will be fishing this Saturday it's more of a big 3,000 acre swamp than a lake but it holds plenty of angling opportunities(bull gills, slab crappies, monster pike, and pesky grass carp) with the deepest part around 15 feet and the ice already close to 30 inches thick it's on the DNR' s watch list lakes for potential winterkill and may be opened to liberalized fishing limits depending on the dissolved O2 levels. I will keep you posted.
I will leave you with some pics of fish that I have caught this winter. Until next time.....FISH ON!